The greatest city in the world needs the best infrastructure.

What will make New York City even greater?

One of the major challenges for a city of over 8 million people is aging and needed infrastructure. (Really the L train will not be running for how many weekends?)

We need new ideas or maybe just the political will and investment to make our city even more livable. And as a result, a city more attractive to all industries and people. Efficient infrastructure will allow the creation of technological, cultural, & retail hubs & new housing development throughout the city.

There is a constant spirited debate in our city and tension of what will be created and what should be stopped. (Leave the carriage horses alone and worry about the homeless.) (Build more affordable housing for the middle class and working poor.)

One great idea the Mayor is throwing his support behind is the Street Car along the Brooklyn & Queens waterfront

More on this innovative idea in the New York Times.

We need to go further. What about investing in a new train line-that connects Brooklyn, Queens & the Bronx? Former Speaker Christine C. Quinn proposed this and other ideas from long time transportation activists. For the greatest city in the world, we need Uber, Lyft and yellow/green taxis but even more public transportation.

And while we are at it we should build a pedestrian bridge & the new hudson river tunnel to alleviate traffic, connecting us to New Jersey.

And let’s rebuild Penn Station as the Governor proposed.

Yes, there will be naysayers-too expensive, we have too much development, too much construction—but we have people coming from around the world-entrepreneurs, workers, families escaping persecution, all seeking the American dream. We need to welcome them and continue to make this the most innovative and greatest city in the world. Maybe we will even build sky cars one day. What are other unique and efficient infrastructure ideas?

Photo credit: Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector


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