New Architectural Masterpieces will transform the New York City skyline.

Our city’s skyline is iconic. Whenever I return to New York City, I still am in awe.

Being a native born & bred New Yorker, I still get excited & wide-eyed when I see New York City’s concrete jungle. The Empire State building, 1 World Trade Center, Woolworth Building and others, all fill the sky.

I pinch myself and remind myself that I live in the most enormous, diverse (and expensive) and greatest city in the world.

I have heard criticism from friends from abroad that some of our architecture is boring or very cookie-cutter, even predictable. Of course, with the expensive construction costs and making new buildings viable for New Yorkers to live and work in, I am sure they are restraints on what you can build.

The next few buildings are definitely not boring. Tech Insider highlighted in this video these unique structures designed by renowned architects.

These new tall buildings will change the New York City skyline forever.

New technology has allowed these skyscrapers to rise to highest points in history, reaching the heavens.

It would be wonderful if all our new buildings could have the grandeur and atheistically pleasing design of Grand Central Station.

Via 57 West will have a triangular tetrahedron with ample light & a design to maximize sustainability.

These new rental apartments will have astounding views of the Hudson River. Renowned architect Bjarke Ingels & the developers/construction team created this innovate new building with ample outdoor, green space.

Bjarke Ingels, the dutch architect, also has designed 2 World Trade Center with more than 80 floors.  2 WTC will also have a special design.

520 West 28th Street, was designed by the late Zaha Hadid. It will feature 21 staggered floors, a robotic garage and IMAX Theater. The building will have private glass balconies, south facade with sculpture deck and the interiors will have her style throughout. The interior and exteriors are one big piece of beautiful art.

111 West 57 Street will be one of the tallest/thinnest skyscrapers in the world. This new landmark is designed by Shop Architects.

The views will be incredible. And the architecture is exquisite.

56 Leonard, designed by Herzog & De Meuron, is almost complete and will house luxury condos.

53 West 53 by Jean Novel, MOMA will also redress the skys of Manhattan.

All of these uniquely designed buildings will surely change the New York City skyline. And I will continue to enjoy the magnificent view of my grand city.

Photo credit: South Facade facing Sculpture Garden.


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