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The Resale market is booming!

According to Jonathan Miller in Curbed NY, the resale market of condos and coops is on the upswing. With all the news of low inventory and new developments grabbing the headlines, over 70% of market listings are apartment resales. 78 % to be exact make up the resale market. For the past few years, the biggest challenge for buyers has been low inventory in prime neighborhoods. Having so many...

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The Death of the Co-op? Hardly. But new Condo development abounds.

The Real Deal has an article on the decreasing amount of new coop development permits filed since the year 2000. It also discusses that the majority of new coops being developed are condops. Condops are co-op residential buildings being built with commercial condo properties at the base of the apartment building so the building finances will benefit from the for profit business that occupies the...

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New Architectural Masterpieces will transform the New York City skyline.

Our city’s skyline is iconic. Whenever I return to New York City, I still am in awe. Being a native born & bred New Yorker, I still get excited & wide-eyed when I see New York City’s concrete jungle. The Empire State building, 1 World Trade Center, Woolworth Building and others, all fill the sky. I pinch myself and remind myself that I live in the most enormous, diverse (and...

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Hub on the Hudson?

New York City could always use more open green space. It a city of over 8 million people packed in like sardines, more parks are welcomed. (In Manhattan around 1.626 million people are crammed into 22.82 sq miles.) We need better and improved infrastructure. The city also needs to utilize access to the waterfront. Many New Yorkers may not want these fancy new proposed public-private...

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