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What New York City neighborhoods are more affordable for buyers?

Where should I buy a condo as a good investment? Bed-Stuy & Greenpoint Prices Per Sq. Ft Rise while Downtown Brooklyn & Brighton Beach prices per square foot fall. Clients, buyers/investors ask me all the time where is a good neighborhood to buy real estate. Where in “next” New York City neighborhood where prices will appreciate in the new few years. Where would buying a condo...

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Hub on the Hudson?

New York City could always use more open green space. It a city of over 8 million people packed in like sardines, more parks are welcomed. (In Manhattan around 1.626 million people are crammed into 22.82 sq miles.) We need better and improved infrastructure. The city also needs to utilize access to the waterfront. Many New Yorkers may not want these fancy new proposed public-private...

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I wish I could buy a townhouse. Maybe you can.

Ever since I was a child, I was in awe when my mom would take me to Manhattan. Not just the tall skyscrapers and all the people wowed me. I especially loved walking the streets of the West Village and still do. It reminds me of Paris or of a quaint little town. A little sanctuary hidden away in this big and rough city. I have always dreamed of owning a magnificent townhouse in the West...

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Interviewing Prominent New Yorkers, Entertainers, Media Personalities & Leaders.

Want to learn everything about New York City (and beyond), lifestyles and personalities? Or about the New York City real estate market?  Tune in to Stribling's New York. Stribling's New York is a one hour weekly radio program on WOR 710 AM Sunday's from 11pm - midnight hosted by Rob Taub & Tony Simone. Rob has for over the past 25 years interviewed everyone from presidents to pop stars....

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