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“Libba”, Stribling’s Founder and Chairman talks New York and Brooklyn real estate on “Stribling’s New York”

"Libba", Stribling's Founder and Chairman talks New York and Brooklyn real estate on "Stribling's New York", a weekly podcast from agents Tony Simone, Rob Taub and Joe Tetelman on WOR Radio 710. "When I went to Brooklyn it wasn’t foreign to me. I had been a patron of BAM for about 25 years. But when I walked a building for Robert Levine, which became 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park [where I now live],...

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How Virtual Reality is Changing Real Estate Forever

Imagine walking through a large apartment with floor to ceiling windows in the splendid Gehry building in downtown Manhattan. Now imagine you’re in Paris when this happens. Thanks to advances in virtual reality (VR), this is now possible. Technology now allows for buyers of luxury new apartments to purchase them without ever stepping into the final product. Online virtual floor plans and...

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The greatest city in the world needs the best infrastructure.

What will make New York City even greater? One of the major challenges for a city of over 8 million people is aging and needed infrastructure. (Really the L train will not be running for how many weekends?) We need new ideas or maybe just the political will and investment to make our city even more livable. And as a result, a city more attractive to all industries and people. Efficient...

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Buying a Coop in New York City

Buying a home in New York City-especially a Coop-can be challenging. You should find a broker you can work with & trust. A great broker can be found through a referral from a friend, family member or colleague. With the assistance of a professional, real estate agent, you can find your next dream home & survive the process. Here is a must-read, thorough blog post on buying a Coop...

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