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NYC Real Estate 2015

Tony Simone, New York Commenting on NY YIMBY blog post: In case you missed it, the NY YIMBY blog recently posted their 2015 real estate predictions. Where is the real estate market headed this year? As expected, the housing supply will continue to be tight and the demand high. The...

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Remembering a Boy from Queens who became Governor

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to my new website and blog. I welcome suggestions, constructive criticism and comments. I will be mostly blogging and writing about real estate, government affairs, technology & social entrepreneurship and advocacy. Remembering Mario M. Cuomo I wanted to pay tribute to a political giant and an amazing person, Mario Cuomo, who passed away on New...

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“What’s up next for NYC real estate in 2015?”

Commenting on NYT article: What’s Up Next in New York? Airbnb and Rent Regulation Will Be Hot Topics NYC is still a great investment Let’s face it. New York City has benefited from its own success. Everyone, well, millions of people want to live here. The wealthy and those who invested and saved wisely, those with cash, want to invest in real estate here. Our city has a lot to offer....

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Why Many Startups Need Experts in Navigating Government

Commenting on When Uber and Airbnb Meet the Real World. “Luther Lowe, director of public policy at Yelp, had some basic advice for Uber that could apply to Airbnb, Lyft and others: Hire a lobbyist and meet with the mayor and the city council before setting up shop.” When you know how NYS/NYC and overall government and communities operate, then you can succeed in your business goals....

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