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The greatest city in the world needs the best infrastructure.

What will make New York City even greater? One of the major challenges for a city of over 8 million people is aging and needed infrastructure. (Really the L train will not be running for how many weekends?) We need new ideas or maybe just the political will and investment to make our city even more livable. And as a result, a city more attractive to all industries and people. Efficient...

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Midtown West will add thousands of new apartments

New York City. What I love about the West Side of Manhattan is the access to the Hudson River Park and the views of the water. I often run or walk with Jason & Radar all the way down to the Village or towards Riverside Park. Of course, with developers set to add a record new units of housing, the views of the sky and water were more abundant when we first moved to 37th and 10 Ave. It was also...

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New Affordable Housing To Be created at Former Slaughterhouse in Hell’s Kitchen

New York City. If developers take the incentives, the sight of the former slaughterhouse and now NYPD parking lot, at 11 Ave. between 39 and 40th Streets, could become affordable apartments in a sea of new market rate development in Midtown West. Huge kudos are deserved by Council Member Corey Johnson, Mayor de Blasio and all involved if the housing comes to fruition and on all their efforts...

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The “New” New York

Katherine Clarke, The Daily News has a must read article: “New York's master builders: New megaprojects will remake swaths of the city from scratch “ Mega developments...

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