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Everyone wants to be in Brooklyn!

New York City. When I was little, around 4 or 5, according to my controlling, loving Latina mother, people would ask me where I was from, and I would respond, “I’m from BUK-lyn”. It was cute I was told. We didn’t live in Brooklyn. We actually lived in Queens. But I was fascinated with the borough. And I still am. Without dating myself, I still remember when I couldn’t find a coffee...

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Can We Ensure More New Yorkers Work in Media & Tech?

New York. Crain’s New York reports while the financial sector’s growth in commercial space has been stagnant, Tech.& Media companies-Twitter, BuzzFeed, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, Google and many tech-start ups are expanding their NYC presence. The diversification of NYC’s economy is a positive development. This didn’t happen without strategic partnerships between the public and...

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Can Tech solve Homelessness?

New York- Technology combined with housing and strategic partnerships can solve homelessness. If it were that easy, wouldn’t we have solved homelessness by now? Who doesn’t hate walking down the street and seeing a fellow human being sleeping in the street or using the subway for shelter? Clearly, the problem isn’t easily solvable. There are many amazing groups working on this...

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Why Many Startups Need Experts in Navigating Government

Commenting on When Uber and Airbnb Meet the Real World. “Luther Lowe, director of public policy at Yelp, had some basic advice for Uber that could apply to Airbnb, Lyft and others: Hire a lobbyist and meet with the mayor and the city council before setting up shop.” When you know how NYS/NYC and overall government and communities operate, then you can succeed in your business goals....

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