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New Architectural Masterpieces will transform the New York City skyline.

Our city’s skyline is iconic. Whenever I return to New York City, I still am in awe. Being a native born & bred New Yorker, I still get excited & wide-eyed when I see New York City’s concrete jungle. The Empire State building, 1 World Trade Center, Woolworth Building and others, all fill the sky. I pinch myself and remind myself that I live in the most enormous, diverse (and...

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Hub on the Hudson?

New York City could always use more open green space. It a city of over 8 million people packed in like sardines, more parks are welcomed. (In Manhattan around 1.626 million people are crammed into 22.82 sq miles.) We need better and improved infrastructure. The city also needs to utilize access to the waterfront. Many New Yorkers may not want these fancy new proposed public-private...

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How Virtual Reality is Changing Real Estate Forever

Imagine walking through a large apartment with floor to ceiling windows in the splendid Gehry building in downtown Manhattan. Now imagine you’re in Paris when this happens. Thanks to advances in virtual reality (VR), this is now possible. Technology now allows for buyers of luxury new apartments to purchase them without ever stepping into the final product. Online virtual floor plans and...

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The Low Line, The World’s Future Largest Underground Park

New York City. Imagine New York City’s first underground green open space illuminated by innovative solar technology. The park and community space would be located under the abandoned historic trolley tunnel under Delancy Street on the Lower East Side. Over the weekend, I visited the Low Line Lab on Essex Street. The idea originated from James Ramsey, former NASA engineer and Dan Barasch,...

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