The Rise of Hells Kitchen & Hudson Yards

Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

In our constantly changing city, NYC’s real estate market is hot as ever. NYC is benefiting from our urban renewal. We just beat out London as most economically powerful city in the world.

Many who love our great city would say gentrification is wiping out middle class New Yorkers. Housing costs at this rate are untenable for many our fellow New Yorkers. The public and private sectors need to ensure NYC is affordable for all of us.

Hell’s Kitchen/Hudson Yards are two neighborhoods that have seen major change. Yet, HK still has some of unique characteristics that drew my family to live there years ago. These include affordable (ish) rentals, great food, diverse neighbors and close to the Hudson River and trains.

I was interviewed in 2005 when Jason and I lived in Hell’s Kitchen. We rented a charming walk up when I was working for for People For the American Way, NY and former NYC Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and the City Council.

“Others, like Tony Simone, who rents a 850-square-foot prewar one-bedroom on 47th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues, is there because of a thriving gay community, and one that’s more affordable than the West Village or Chelsea.
“It has an old New York feel, with so many mom-and-pop shops, and people who live on the same block talk to each other,” Mr. Simone said.”

New developments-new high-rise condos and rentals with amenities are rising.
The prices to rent and buy in HK have risen too.
(and it is even gayer! Who doesn’t love that? There is almost a gay bar every few inches.)

These modern new buildings with fitness centers, dry cleaning, pools and doorman services have overtaken some of HK. These new-ish buildings include 432 West 52nd Street by Stribling ( ), Gotham West (which has a fabulous Gotham Market West high end food court we love)and the Mercedes House

Photo Credit:Stribling & Associates LTD. 432 WEST 52ND STREET Midtown West

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