Everyone wants to be in Brooklyn!

New York City.

When I was little, around 4 or 5, according to my controlling, loving Latina mother, people would ask me where I was from, and I would respond, “I’m from BUK-lyn”. It was cute I was told. We didn’t live in Brooklyn. We actually lived in Queens. But I was fascinated with the borough. And I still am. Without dating myself, I still remember when I couldn’t find a coffee place to sit it in Williamsburg.

Now, Brooklyn is thriving and many would say gentrifying. Hillary opened her Presidential campaign office in downtown Brooklyn. Celebrities love it too. Lena Dunham, who left Brooklyn Heights to up her game on a nicer, bigger home, lives there. As do many other celebs:

Williamsburg and DUMBO are so over crowded with hipsters, families, you name it, you almost can’t walk quickly to get to the nearest artisanal food experience or sip 89 kinds of brews. As the popularity has risen, so have the prices for real estate. New luxury rentals, condos have risen so fast, you wonder where all these cool people will afford to live. (Hint: Sunset Park, Industry City, further into Brooklyn). According to Curbed NY and Douglas Elliman report compiler, the median rent this past year increased by 4.8% year over year to $2,961.
https://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/06/11/manhattan_and_brooklyn_rents_keep_rising_of_course.php And there have been some expensive Manhattan like prices for some very gorgeous and expensive properties sold. More here: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/10/realestate/brooklyns-most-expensive-listings.html?_r=0

Brooklyn, the New Silicon Valley
While our Brooklynite friends are figuring out if they can afford a million dollar condo or if they need to move to Prospect Lefferts Garden to afford the rent, techies are moving and working in Brooklyn in droves.

Wait I thought Flatiron, Chelsea or Manhattan’s west side was the new tech epicenter? I guess every new growing ‘hood is attracting the new innovative economy.

According to Capital blog, developer Bruce Ratner predicts Sunset Park and Industry City will grow tremendously with new companies moving here. The area offers more affordable housing for now. Ratner predicted all of Brooklyn would become the next Silicon Valley. https://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/city-hall/2015/06/8570998/get-ready-sunset-park-brooklyn-coming

Let’s all move to Brooklyn
Full disclosure, I lived in Brooklyn-Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. When I lived there I couldn’t get a coffee before 7 am if I left for work early. (I probably drink too much coffee). Now there is a Mommafuku in the Carroll Street F train subway stop. You can go broke spending money at all the amazing restaurants and bars along Smith Street. (Yes, Brooklynites, there is more to Brooklyn than brownstone Brooklyn I know, I know). I love Brooklyn. Jason and I are considering moving back.

Brooklyn is the new Manhattan. What was the Sex in City quote from Samantha, “the only one who says that is someone who lives in Brooklyn.”

Maybe as we always knew, Brooklyn is just Brooklyn, another amazing, unique borough of our great city. Let’s hope we can still afford to live there.

No sleep til “BUK-lyn”!

Photo Credit:Conde Naste Traveller

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