Holiday Tipping Guide

How much should I tip the building staff?

Happy Holidays! It is that time of year already. Tis the season to be merry and… (I am already exhausted. Give me a cookie!)

A common question I receive from clients: what should I tip my doorman at my building?

Of course, tipping the people who help every day all year long if you live in a full service building is recommended. It is a custom and not required. That said, we love our doormen, building repair people and concierges. Living in one the busiest and hectic cities, they help us when we have lots of packages delivered. Our doormen also advise us on local haunts. Sometime they assist when moving in and out. In our building, they fixed a broken window within an hour. It was 10 degrees out and it wouldn’t shut properly. Brrrrr!

The amount you give also depends on your interaction all year with the folks that help you day in and day out. Do you tip after each repair or assistance?

Many doormen (why aren’t there more women?), tell of tales of huge gifts from owners and tenants. Many wont say the amount so not to cause jealously among other staff. The highly regarded staff also want to be discreet.

A story from the Times on doormen & holiday tips.

So how much should you tip your doorman and other service folks this holiday season? Here are some helpful guidelines ,and don’t forget to tip your dog walker and other folks who toil for you!

Hope you enjoy your holidays!

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