Hub on the Hudson?

New York City could always use more open green space.

It a city of over 8 million people packed in like sardines, more parks are welcomed. (In Manhattan around 1.626 million people are crammed into 22.82 sq miles.)

We need better and improved infrastructure. The city also needs to utilize access to the waterfront.

Many New Yorkers may not want these fancy new proposed public-private partnerships creating open space. (Some of my friends more left of me may call them “corporate parks”).

This idea of a floating island on the Hudson River across from Hudson Yards is interesting.


Architects, Eytan Kaufman, proposes this new circular park to compliment the High Line.
Now when you walk on the magnificent High Line towards the end at 34 street it just ends by the depressing Javits Center. This park would connect the High Line to the floating island with a pedestrian bridge.

I wonder what my friends at the High Line think?

Instead of your nice spring walk on the High Line ending at the crowded bus lines and the most ill designed and ugly Javits Center you would have the option of heading to this new floating island with a pyramid structure with astounding views.

According to the blog 6 sq ft:
“Kaufman’s scheme called Hub on the Hudson would build a pedestrian bridge over the West Side Highway, shuttling people from the elevated park to a sprawling, circular-shaped cultural and recreational center. It’s quite similar to Barry Diller’s proposed Pier 55 floating park, which is planned for a Hudson River site slightly farther south in the Meatpacking District.”

Now I know many community members did not love the Barry Diller proposed park.

But I love new creative ideas on infrastructure and open green space.
Why not?

The Hub on the Hudson would include park space, restaurants and art centers-a mixed use of offerings for tourists and New Yorker alike. It would be a nice stroll away from your long meetings if your new job is located in the future Hudson Yards business offices.
New Yorkers enjoy the views from the Standard Hotel and Whitney, why not add this in the mix?

As new skyscrapers rise around us , more New Yorkers are losing some or all of their views. (I know I am losing some of my view of the Hudson. Boo-hoo!) And then the loss of light.

The greatest city in the world needs more open, park space and innovative ways to create parks in a city creating denser and higher buildings.


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