I wish I could buy a townhouse. Maybe you can.

Ever since I was a child, I was in awe when my mom would take me to Manhattan.

Not just the tall skyscrapers and all the people wowed me.

I especially loved walking the streets of the West Village and still do. It reminds me of Paris or of a quaint little town. A little sanctuary hidden away in this big and rough city.

I have always dreamed of owning a magnificent townhouse in the West Village. You know like the one Carrie from Sex in the City lives in. Or is it just the townhouse stoop she sits on?

Many dream of owning the perfect New York City townhouse. Of course, we envy the friends and acquaintances that do host fun, elaborate parties in these triplexes or four floor townhouses. With the gorgeous huge kitchen. The garden. And the party room downstairs. It feels like living in the country or the suburbs but you are IN NEW YORK CITY!!

With the Village being so popular and low inventory, the laws of supply & demand, make buying a townhouse here out of reach for many.

$12 million?

There is hope. There are plenty of changing, unique neighborhoods throughout the city where townhouses are more affordable and a great investment.

Curbed NY & NeighborhoodX have a helpful breakdown of prices per square footage for townhouses for the month of February in the most expensive and more affordable neighborhoods throughout Manhattan & Brooklyn.

Wouldn’t it be very cool to buy a townhouse in Harlem or Bed Stuy, renovate it and resell it or just live in it?

How about going to Red Hook or another neighborhood with more affordable price per square footage prices.

You could look in Sunset Park where a townhouse would be $536 per sq foot as opposed to $2,662 per sq. ft. in the Village. Of course, with inventory low everywhere, you will need a good broker to help you find one.

Of course, owning a townhouse, is essentially owning a house-so come winter time, you have to shovel the snow and be responsible for all of its upkeep or hire someone. There is always the neighborhood kids or local businesses that could shovel for you!

Here is a two charming townhouses, one on West 148th Street & East 130 Street in Harlem.

Call or email me if you want to do a tour of townhouses in the West Village, Bedford-Stuyvesant or another great New York City neighborhood. You can reach me at anytime at (646)515-9417 & tsimone@stribling.com







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