Pedestrian Bridge could link New Jersey to the Greatest City in the world

New York City.

In case you missed it, Curbed NY had a report last week on a bridge proposal. I love this idea. Of course, it would have to be built tall enough to take into account the high cruise ships that pass in the Hudson.

According to the article, upwards of over 200-250 + foot, similar to the George Washington Bridge clearance. It could be a beautiful high line esque park as well. It would be a beautiful walk in the spring, summer and fall but brutal in the winter. Then again, after the last two winters, does it matter? Many of us didn’t want to leave the house.

(h/t Jersey Digs) Kevin Shane, who came up with the idea, worked with Jersey-based Jeff Jordan Architects to conceptualize plans for a Hudson River crossing called the Liberty Bridge that would begin in Jersey City…”
The bridge would connect Jersey to Battery Park City. (I am sure the residents there who just bought million dollar condos will have some opposition to this. We could connect it to an open space or park area away from residential buildings).

Right now it is just a proposal. Who would pay for it? New York and New Jersey can’t seem to agree to pay for a much needed new tunnel connecting the city and New Jersey. That is definitely needed with all the traffic coming into and out of the greatest city in the world.

I am a huge proponent of creative new ideas to add to our infrastructure and alleviate pedestrian and vehicular traffic to and from and in our city. The greatest city in the world should be able to solve bumper-to-bumper traffic or at least reduce crowded trains and streets.

Of course, I am a huge supporter of congestion pricing. My former boss, former Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Mayor Bloomberg led on this major proposal. Albany killed it. We need to bring this idea back to life and make it a reality. No reason so many cars need to come into Manhattan. With the exception of vital business purposes, medical reasons and other exceptions, we need to invest in more public transportation and have less cars driving into Manhattan during rush hour and the busy work week. (And, please no phony traffic studies to stop innovative companies such as Uber, Lyft and others that increase competition, provide good service and jobs).

Anyway, back to this cool bridge. Why not a well-designed, atheistically pleasing bridge joining our great city with our neighbors in New Jersey. We need more creative ideas to make our city more livable. And this could help commuters get to work and create beautiful open space. We need more ferries. Another tunnel. And the creation of pedestrian bridge! All would create more jobs and the pedestrian bridge would create open space. Now if we can get the leaders to work together. That is another post for another day.

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[All renderings via Jeff Jordan Architects]

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