President Underwood’s Historic, Fully Renovated Townhouse For Rent…

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.
Handsome Capitol Hill, three-bedroom townhouse with secured basement. Home includes three newly renovated lovely large bedrooms and three bathrooms, study and library. Rental includes rowing machine used by President Underwood. Oh, bulletproof glass windows included too.

Wouldn’t it be neat if Claire and Frank Underwood’s actual home from “House of Cards” was on the market?

What do we think the President will do with the proceeds from the rent during a Presidential election? Playing the role of his senior advisor, I would suggest donating the proceeds of $90,000 a year to a local not for profit working on tech training.

What would you advise President Underwood to do with the rental income?

Of course, it is a faux-listing for us House of Cards geeks.
Curbed has more:
Photo Credit: via Lia’s Design Studio

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