Proud to be part of the Stribling family

New York City.

Good News! Stribling is #1 in median listing price for properties, according to The Real Deal Magazine’s article on ‪#‎NYC‬’s Top Firm Rankings:

The NYC Real Estate market is hot. Low inventory and ever increasing prices have made it a seller’s market. Open houses in Manhattan and Brooklyn have had huge turnouts and multiple bids from buyers. Competition is high among NYC’s real estate brokerage firms.

I am very proud to be part of the Stribling team, where the brokers and agents value long term relationships with our clients. It is fantastic that sellers are entrusting us with their very valuable homes.

The median price of homes in Manhattan & Brooklyn is very expensive for the average New Yorker. (More on this later). Many foreign investors and buyers are sweeping up high-end luxury condos with heavenly views. The money flowing to NYC from these “new” New Yorkers that actually live & spend here has had some positive economic benefit. But, we can not lose sight of the vital need to ensure all New Yorkers-the CEO and also the artist, entrepreneur just starting out, students, a large family on a low or middle income, can afford to live in all the boroughs of our great city.

Here’s more on Stribling being so successful and other top brokerage firms:

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