Technology Assists Buyers Seeking Luxury Condos

Commenting on Selling Condos With a Tap and a Swipe.

“People feel so informed by it that there is a confidence that there will be no surprises,” said Pamela D’Arc of Stribling & Associates, the sales director. The units, expected to be completed by late 2016, range from $4.5 million to $40 million for the 65th-floor penthouse. “It translates to people being wowed by an interactive buying experience that leaves nothing to the imagination.”

New technology-think enormous iPads or show gallery replicas of new developments, are being employed to show potential buyers future condos. These condos have not even been constructed or completed. Buyers can view their possible “dream home” or investment being built and see and feel how their home will be once construction is completed.  This latest trend in selling luxury condos in NYC has allowed developers to sell their properties in a timely matter in a city where everyone wants to buy and live in.


Photo Credit: Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

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