The Low Line, The World’s Future Largest Underground Park

New York City.

Imagine New York City’s first underground green open space illuminated by innovative solar technology. The park and community space would be located under the abandoned historic trolley tunnel under Delancy Street on the Lower East Side.

Over the weekend, I visited the Low Line Lab on Essex Street. The idea originated from James Ramsey, former NASA engineer and Dan Barasch, now the full time director, back in 2008. Since then, their organization have successfully raised public and private funds, engaged with community and elected leaders and earned their support and have moved forward with impressive solar technology. The Low Line could become a reality in the next few years. We should all support this great idea and help raise awareness and funds to make it a reality.

The Low Line is the proposed first largest underground park on the Lower East Side. It would be a grand world of open space, lit by solar energy technology and full of abundant plant life. It would be a magnificent oasis away from the bustling intensity of our great city.

You can see the proposed Low Line in the lab next to Essex Street market. (I recommend stopping at Low Line lab & then shopping for food at the Essex market. Try the tacos and buy the cheeses and snacks). The lab is a prototype of the future underground park and also has small displays that explain what the Low Line will be and its history.

Now the project has the support of local and federal elected officials from the district. Private and public dollars have been raised to ensure this open space park becomes a reality.

With the success of the High Line, the Hudson River Park, the Brooklyn Bridge Park and other proposed “High Lines” in Queens & the Bronx, the movement to create more open green space is happening. But with constant new development, New York City still needs more open space. The Low Line would transform an old trolley and underground space into a living, breathing biosphere full of vegetation. It will also have a large community space for public and private events.

As our great city builds mega new developments such as Hudson Yards, Willet’s Point, Pacific Park, we need more open, green park space. Back in July, Curbed New York had a post on future & current park, green open space being created & beautified.

More parks! More care for our parks! And more open space in every new development will make our city event greater.




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