The solution to NYC’s housing crisis? Build more affordable housing on Long Island!

New York.

Capital NY reports at a Crain’s forum, the city’s top housing official, Carl Weisbrod, suggested that in order to solve NYC’s affordable housing challenge more was needed than just Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan. The Mayor’s affordable housing blueprint calls for building 80,000 affordable new apartments in NYC, retaining 120,000 units and constructing 160,000 market-rate units. Weisbrod, Chairman of the NYC Planning Commission, suggested building more affordable housing in the suburbs and changing federal housing policy. The latter is unlikely so let’s think about the first suggestion.

Almost everyone wants to live in NYC! The market pressure has caused high and unaffordable prices for many New Yorkers to rent or buy a home. One study claimed New Yorkers are paying up to 60% of their income in housing costs.

What if you make the median wage or less? Shouldn’t our great city have room for the unemployed, the low-income artist, the cop, the young professional, the entrepreneur and the teacher all in the same neighborhood?

Oh, wait – let’s start building low & middle-income housing in the suburbs. I can see the protests now in Garden City.

Steve Spinola, the former head of REBNY didn’t seem to love the idea.

So how can we solve the problem of permanent affordable housing? Is it that the problem is high construction costs, limited space and other factors? How do we cope with those and make our city a place for all socio-economic groups to both live and work? Mayor DiBlasio’s plan makes a good start. Maybe Weisbrod’s idea makes some sense. What do you think?

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