We have the High Line, soon the Low Line and how about a Dry Line?

New York.

With so much development in New York City these days, the question has to be asked “Will all our new homes be protected from the next Super Storm Sandy?”

Bjarke Ingels, an architect seems to think so, as he has prepared a plan for the Dry Line, which is a new park surrounding the bottom of Manhattan, forming a defensive barrier against rising tides. In the below article Mr Ingels says , ‘We think of it as the love-child of Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs’”


Following Super Storm Sandy, my team and I at the NYC City Council and former Speaker Christine C. Quinn’s office deployed a volunteer effort to assist New Yorkers affected by Sandy. In a city with the High Line and Low Line, we should be building more permanent open space solutions to the climate change challenges ahead. The Dry Line represents just one of many ambitious plans to protect our waterfront.

Will it be enough to stop floodwaters beyond the next few decades?
The investment must be made to protect our waterfront and homes.

Why not have creative ideas like the Dry line, with open space and a design for people to enjoy and to prevent flooding. At the same time, it protects the tens of thousands of apartments and residents that are at risk of flooding. Sounds like a logical solution. What do you think?

Curbed NY has a cool video on the proposed Dry Line: https://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/03/10/see_the_10mile_dryline_that_could_protect_nycs_waterfront.php
Photo Credit: After the High Line park, and the planned underground Lowline, comes the Dryline: an uncompromising seawall cum green space. Photograph: BIG

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