Where can you find affordable housing in New York City?

For middle and lower income New Yorkers and those aspiring to be a New Yorker, we all know the challenge of finding an affordable home to buy or rent. Yet, under the new Mayor’s affordable housing plan, there may be some progress on the horizon. The plan is here.

You can find & apply to affordable housing here. Of course, you will be in a lottery and waiting since demand is high, and yes supply is low.

Want to live in Stuy. town? DNA Info had a recent story explaining the application process. Applications are being accepted until March 31.

Other affordable housing coming in the next few years:

New York Yimby reported a 12 story affordable housing building coming to Melrose in the Bronx. It also recently had an article on mixed-use/affordable development coming to Flushing, Queens. The project will be a 232 unit/10 story building.


For the first time buyer, there are opportunities to buy in every end of our great city. The New York Times recently had an article on the great neighborhoods of Red Hook, Flatbush and other areas, where you can buy a home at a good value.

Stribling, my firm, has a terrific condo apt for sale in Red Hook.

A broker I work closely with recently closed a deal on a beautiful 5-bedroom home with a yard and porch for under $950,000 million on City Island.

Please call on me if you would like me to work with you to purchase your first home, sell or rent throughout our great city. I can be reached at (646) 515-9417 or tsimone@stribling.com

Photo credit:  Stuy. Town, The Real Deal NYC

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